Amber Stewart

Amber Stewart works as a book editor in London. She is the author of Rabbit Ears, How Many Sleeps?, and most recently I'm Big Enough. Although Bean the bunny rabbit is getting bigger everyday, she is sure that she will never, ever be too big for her blanket. "When my daughter was little," states Stewart, "she had a cloth that she wouldn't go anywhere without; it got to the point that I thought she would never give it up. I can't quite remember how and why she let it go, but I guess it was gradual. When I was cleaning her room a couple of years ago, I found Cloth hidden in a box under her bed - which I thought was so sweet. I used this idea for the basis of the story, although it really is about burgeoning independence." Stewart envisions more books about Bean, and she is also working on a children's novel. When not immersed in editing or writing, she leads an active lifestyle. She loves riding her three horses, walking her dog Jake and can also be found running or in the gym. S