About us


                     In 1928, Thongkasem Suputtipong (Tang Sekkim) escaped poverty with a junk vessel ride from Shantou, China, looking for an opportunity to build up a fortune in Bangkok, Thailand.  Because of his perseverance and untiring effort to be literate, he was then designated as a store manager and finally owned a small Chinese bookstore at Yaowarat district called “Nanmee”, meaning “long-lasting wealth” in Thai, though the original Chinese word was “Nam Mui”, which means “southern beauty”.

Later, his successor named Suwadee Chongsatitwattana (Khun Lek) who had worked with him at the bookstore, seeing some marketing channels for Thai books which were very tiny at that time, opened a Thai book department in the store and afterwards decided to leave and establish her own publisher called, "Nanmeebooks" which published translated books from many different languages. She believed books would shape one’s life.

Khun Lek dreamed of Thai people being able to think, ask questions and find answers. She also believed that scientific thinking is an important skill of quality people so started a series of mini knowledge pocket books called Go Genius Mini.

Concerning about education in Thailand, Nanmeebooks helped strengthen them by setting regular teacher- training programs throughout the country. The programs include STEM, mathematics, early-learning science, language, literature reading, etc. which aided teachers to effectively teach.

Nanmeebooks always believes in the power of literature, so searched for distinguished manuscripts from around the world and have them translated and published in Thai especially from the Nobel Prize novels and young-adult fictions like Harry Potter series which had casted its spell to children all over the country.

Our knowledge comic books have turned the industry around as several (funniest) jokes have been integrated with knowledge; thrills of adventure with science, mathematics, economics, history and self-improvement.

Inspirational tales help kids eager to learn and simplify abstract messages. The stories fall into different categories depending on age group and topics that interest them.

Physical and mental health is important. Looking through more variety of manuscripts some of the Thai editions Nanmeebooks published were ‘Nature Rescues’ by Dr. Tom Woo and coloring books for adults. These have become phenomenon of vegetables / fruit smoothies for health and coloring for reducing stress.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

                     To cope with a variety of learning methods and the fast-changing world, Nanmeebooks Innovation Institute has been founded to seek learning innovations from around the world and adapt to the context of Thailand with school and family networks as co-operators.  Some innovation is in the Learning Space format, such as NANMEEBOOKS Learning Center, PHÄNOMENTA Science Center, and NANMEEBOOKS Kiddy Intelligence Center.  The others are in the EdTech format such as an adaptive on-line learning called Maths-Whizz and Total Solutions system which helped teachers manage science teaching with Active Learning method such as Thailand Little Scientists’ House Project and the Science Experiment Classroom.  Nanmeebooks Innovation also provides services in learning with activities in an atmosphere of holiday camps for children, youth, parents, teachers, and various organization staff.

                      As a consequence, Go Genius Learning Center (Khao Yai) has been opened as a learning space for camps and activities for schools, families and organizations with the concept of inviting nature in to inspire learning.  Next to the Center, RAIN TREE Residence, a boutique accommodation set in the theme of 27 world-class writers was later built to welcome all guests who want their minds and bodies strengthened by the nature around.

                      Recently, Nanmeebooks teamed up with Gakken, a global education organization in Japan, launched Gakken Classroom Company aimed at Thai children to be able to learn, think and do by themselves with understanding and fun at its best.

Currently, Nanmeebooks is a Learning Service Provider, with four main products and services.

       1. Books

                   • Books for children from 0 to 8 years: (Tales with knowledge, Workbook)

                   • Books for youth 9-18 years: (Comics, Knowledge supplement, Youth Literature)

                   • Books for adults 18 years and over: (Novels, Health, Management, Self-Improvement)

                   • Books for all ages: (Royal work, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Languages)


        2. Learning Innovations

                    • Early childhood (0-8 years) development: (Thailand Little Scientists’ House; NANMEEBOOKS Kiddy Intelligence Center; We Play and Dusyma Learning Toys;  Kiddy                         Genius @Gakken Classroom.

                    • Development of STEM Education (Science, Technology, Mathematics): (Gakken Science Experiment Classroom; On-line mathematics learning Maths-Whizz ;  Sci-                             maths learning media PHÄNOMENTA Science Center.

                    • Language Improvement: (Interactive Learning English E-English Club)


         3. Learning Services which include organizing camps, trainings, seminar to build up children, parents, teachers and organizations.

         4. Learning Spaces which include NANMEEBOOKS Learning Center (Soi Sukhumvit 31), Go Genius Learning Center (Khao Yai) and RAIN TREE Residence (Khao Yai).


Nanmeebooks promotes ‘ life-long read and learn ’ to create Active Citizen, with 7 key life skills:

         1. Good citizen conscience; Duty obligation; Ethical; Respecting differences between people.

         2. Analytical; Be able to think, do and solve problems by oneself.

         3. Communicate effectively; Be able to express attitude creatively.

         4. Environment concern; Nature and earth care; Living aesthetically with nature.

         5. Leadership; Determination; Responsible; Decisive; Ideological Perspective.

         6. Professional skills.

         7. Creative and be able to build on; Think outside the box.



                    Nanmeebooks is a leader in providing meaningful learning services with a variety of methods to create Active Citizen, good people, self and social responsibility. We believe in the power of affiliated work.  We focus on building team-works of Active Citizens who are enthusiastic, responsible for their own lives and duties, and self-develop continuously.



                     Nanmeebooks raises the quality of Thai people to be Active Citizens by producing books, magazines and quality learning services such as learning media, camps, trainings, seminars, courses and learning resources.  We open up to new ways of learning to make learning meaningful and meet the challenges of the changing world.